What’s Included

Standard Package
Package Cost:

Our Standard Package includes all the essentials such as Event Management, Production, Film Crew, MC, Event & Media Launch Night, and a Post Event DVD of the Event. Your Personal Event Manger will be with you every step of the Way from the initial Event Operations Meeting, to the Event & Media Launch Night, right up to the Drama Session.

Included are all CORE Services:
Complete Event Management
Co-ordination of Event from Start to Finish
Personal Event Manager

Event Crew & Production
Stage, Props, and Theme Set (Oscars)
PA System
Professional Lighting Rig – WOW!
Giant AV Screens
Live Streaming & Camera Crew

Event & Media Launch Night
Large Backdrop Provided
Photo Shoot on Night

Oscarz Specialist Crew/Show Night
Contestants Management
Event Producer (Production Manager)
Top MC
Sound Effects/Music for during Oscars (Party Atmosphere!)
Drama Coach
Professional Director
Movie Editor
Sound Specialist
Voting Stand, Voting Boxes/Tickets

Travel Expenses, and Overnight Accommodation will be required in certain regions.

Design, Print, & Media Package
Additional Package Cost, from:

Our Design, Print, & Media Package is unrivaled in the industry.
Fundraising Events Group is the only company in Ireland that can provide all the Support Services required in this section.
Our Professional and Comprehensive Add On Package contains everything and adds in all the Management and Production of Media, Design and Printing that is required for a Hassle Free, Successful Event.

Included in this Package:
Print & Design Crew
Posters (A3, A4)
Promotional Sign (8ft. x 4ft.)
Souvenir Booklet, Full Colour (200 Copies x 28 Pages)
Personalised Poster for all Movies (x7 Designs)
Design of all Media Banners
Tickets and Sponsorship Cards included in Standard Package

Media Crew
Personalised ‘Event Promo Video’ (to advertise Event)
Professional Branded Facebook Page with use of our Galleries and Videos
Event Page on our Web Site (Link Your Web Site to this Page)
Photographer for Launch Night and Show Night
Videographer for Show Night (Promo Video)
Post Event Video Edits ** (Interviews and Best Bits)
Upload of Galleries and Videos to Youtube, Facebook, and Social Media

Our Souvenir Booklet contains all the Main Events Sponsors, Movie Cast and Movie Sponsors including Contestant Sponsor Pages. We can produce an ADVERTISING INSERT for all additional advertising (See Revenue Potential Page 2).

Camera Crew
Our Camera Crew will shoot the Awards Ceremony.
We will also conduct lot’s of Live Interviews, both Punters and Actors on the Red Carpet, and Post Awards (Backstage).
This footage will be recorded in HD and Post Event Highlights DVD can be arranged if requested *

Event Media
Club Oscars Fundraiser
Here is the full range of Media Services available.
We provide all the Design, Videos, and Galleries right from day one.
Firstly we produce a Promotional Video to help promote the event and add a Professional Profile.
We also design Posters, Tickets, Sponsor Cards, Facebook Branded Pages, plus Personalised Poster for all Individual Contestants for the Night (these are done after the Media Launch Night).
Then on the Night our Camera Crew Film and Shoot the entire event.
Highlights Video options available, a Legacy and Memory for Life for both Club and Contestants.

We Provide all the Media Required:

Promotional Video (to advertise Event)

Highlights Video (optional)

Photo Gallery

Professional Facebook Branded Media Page

Professional Event Page

Personalised Posters for Movies/Contestant Groups

Professional Souvenir Booklet for the Night

As usual some T&C’s apply.
Please see our Terms and Conditions, and Booking Form attached.

I hope the above has given you a view of our Package, which we believe to be the most Extensive, Comprehensive and most importantly PROFESSIONAL Package in Ireland where a Team of Industry Professionals will come together to provide all aspects of the Event in Management, Production, Media/Design, Print.

A Deposit of only e950.00 plus Vat Deposit, is required with a Payment Schedule then implemented once the event is up and running.

This event should create Revenue of between e60,000 to e70,000 on average, plus the ADVERTISING INSERT Revenue.

Please feel free to contact me should you wish to make a Booking of our Package, or require any further information.

Dates for the 2018 Season are now limited so early booking is advisable.