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The Kube raised 2 million Euros in 2015

The Kube raised 2 million Euros in 2015

The Kube, raised 2 million Euros, in 2015, for charities all over the country.

The smart, dazzling and fully loaded event taking the country by storm.

Dublin, Ireland. – December 16, 2015 – The Kube, Ireland’s leading fundraising event is making headlines across the country. A live remake of the successful, Cube, TV show, this event brings the vigor and action of a live TV show to your local venues. The premise of the event is to test the wits, smarts and speed of attendees in a number of tasks based on logic that take place in the Kube. The Kube is center stage and each contestant gets to try to beat the cube in a number of inventive tests of logic while being cheered on by their peers.

The trick to “The Kube” is that this show generates prizes for attendees and raises money for the clubs that host an event, all at the same time. Described as one of the easiest shows to run, this event has clubs all over Dublin wanting to bring this experience to their members. One big advantage to this event is that it is no hassle to set up. The Kube offers a completely turn-key event logistic for the clubs. Packages are offered to organizers and everything can be included in the set up of the event, including, venue, tickets, brochures, ads and sponsor management. People who book this event just need to give minor details and voila, you have an event that will be the talk of your club for the next year.

The Kube also offers a fun Team Challenge option, which gives clubs the options to join forces and build an event with six clubs together. A fun and successful way to raise money, win big and enhance the community feel.

Another super unique thing about this event is the genius of the MC. Audiences remain engaged, intrigued and often laughing for the entire event. He is a thrill. Abbeyfeale United just had a very successful Kube event and commented, “John, the MC, was excellent and over in perfect time. We will look forward to working with The Kube, in the future”.

“The Kube for us are the most fun event we have ever set up. We have fun from the beginning of the day building promotional brochures for the clubs, all the way to setting up the cube on the night of the event. It is a blast” – says John (Organiser). “We get to enjoy and effectively raise money for our customers, not a bad way to spend the week”, continues Paul (Club Chairman) .

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The Kube takes the hassle out of organizing your event. We provide the best entertainment, production and lighting to give your event the wow factor and to ensure guests will be talking about the great craic they had at the event for months to come. Do you have what it takes to beat the Kube?
If you are interested in booking A “Kube” event, please feel free to contact our ‘Events Team’.


January 18th, 2017

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